La ‘Bichota’ has surprised her millions of fans with her new song that has generated good reactions among her audience.

Karol G remains unstoppable in 2024. After the success of her previous single ‘Contigo’ with Tiësto, the Colombian singer has released her new song ‘If I had known you before’, with which she has once again conquered her millions of fans around of the world.

With a catchy merengue rhythm and lyrics full of sensuality and mischief, his recent song is shaping up to be one of the hits of the season. The song talks about the attraction that arises between two people who meet when one of them is already in a relationship.

The reactions to ‘If I Had Met You Before’ on social media could not have been more positive. Karol G’s fans have filled the networks with comments praising the song, the video clip and the sensuality of ‘Bichota’.

What are Karol G’s most listened to songs?

Karol G is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after artists of the urban genre around the world. Her great success in recent years is due to her catchy songs and her performance on stage. According to Spotify, ‘Bichota’ has more than 50 million monthly listeners and these are her ten most listened to songs.

‘With you’ with Tiësto
‘My ex was right’
‘TQG’ with Shakira
‘While I heal from my heart’
‘X if we come back’
‘Okey dokey’.