The controversy takes over the love life of the trending couple, Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar. Now, a new rumor has gained strength on social networks, as a well-known journalist in Mexico revealed that the singer could be expecting his second baby with Cazzu.

During a recent broadcast of the Multimedios program ‘Vivalavi’, communicator María Luisa Valdés Doria commented that the Argentine rapper would be pregnant and the father would be the Mexican regional performer, an event that happened weeks before announcing their separation.

“As for the gossip to be good, the way we like it. It is said that Cazzu is pregnant,” commented Valdés. To the surprise of her colleagues, they asked if her father was Christian Nodal and she responded with “yes.” “Well, this is worse than the rose of Guadalupe, at the end of Friday… Now not only Angela, but they are saying that Cazzu is also pregnant, this is already crazy,” the journalist added.

Previously, it had been speculated that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter would be expecting a baby with Christian, but it seems that it would actually be Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, who would have become pregnant by the Mexican singer.

There is no doubt that a second pregnancy between Cazzu and Nodal, while he is in a romantic relationship with Ángela Aguilar, would be an extremely complex situation for the three of them; Their personal lives would be even more criticized and mocked on social media.

Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal did get married in Italy

After Ángela Aguilar denied in an interview for the magazine Who that she had married Christian Nodal, the same journalist María Luisa Valdés Doria assured that this would not be true and that there are photos of the two getting married in Italy, in addition to having received the blessing of Pope Francis.

“I have a bomb for you. “Yesterday I found out, I went to dinner with Lila Downs, with Soledad, with those from Sony Music and others, there were many of us and yesterday I found out that the wedding was in mid-May, end of May, if Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz attended,” the communicator declared the program ‘Vivalavi’.

María Luisa stated that the marriage occurred after Ángela told her father that she was going on tour with Nodal, so Pepe Aguilar imposed a wedding as a condition so that everything would go “as it should be.” The journalist assured that there are images and documents of the wedding celebration between the two.

“It turns out that, apparently, the Pope was the one who gave them the blessing… Confirmed by people from the Vatican, there is a piece of paper, there are photos. The Pope gave them his blessing and then Pepe and Aneliz went to Japan. Apparently (the wedding) was sold to ¡Hola! magazine,” said the communicator.