The Army Israeli reported this Saturday of the death of Ayman Ratma, a member of both Hamas as well as the Lebanese Sunni group Jamaa al Islamiya, in a selective air attack against his vehicle near the city of Khiara, 40 kilometers from the border with the < b>Lebanon.

“An air force (unmanned) aircraft carried out a precise attack in the (western) area of ​​Beqaa in Lebanon to eliminate the terrorist Ayman Ratma , a key member responsible for supplying weapons to the terrorist organizations Hamas and Jamaa al Islamiya in Lebanon, according to a military statement.

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Israel assures that Ratma was preparing to attack Israel “immediately” and that it had already participated in other previous attacks, without offering evidence or give details about it.

For the moment, Hamas has not expressed itself on the matter or claimed Ratma as one of its affiliates.

On the 20th, in another selective attack against a vehicle, Israel killed a member of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah that was circulating in southern Lebanon, in what has already been reported. has become common practice for the Israeli air force amid growing tensions on the northern border.