Last Wednesday, the Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee inaugurated the 10 by 20 Padel Club, an exclusive center for the sports of paddle tennis and tennis. The facility, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, combines sports with luxury and promises to become a premier destination for fans.

“I am excited to introduce 10 by 20 to the South Florida community,” stated Daddy Yankee, underlining his enthusiasm for the sport and entrepreneurship.

“This club reflects my love for paddle tennis and offers a first-class experience for all visitors,” added the artist, who said goodbye to the stage in December 2023 with his concert ‘La meta’ at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José. Miguel Agrelot.

The opening was attended by renowned figures such as the singers Prince Royce, ADSO and Jonathan Moly, as well as numerous paddle tennis and tennis fans. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as guests explored 10 by 20’s seven indoor courts, modern facilities and dining options.

In addition to this new club, Daddy Yankee is the owner of the Flowrida Goats professional paddle team of the PPL League, reaffirming his commitment to this sport.

During the inaugural event, the first friendly tournament was held. The winners of the round-robin format were ADSO and Eduardo Castillo. Daddy Yankee’s vision for the 10 by 20 Padel Club not only focuses on sporting excellence, but also on being a meeting place for high-profile events and social gatherings.

In addition to this, the singer continues to make music, but with a Christian focus. A little over a month ago, the “Big Boss” released his first song as a Christian music performer, called Blood Donor. The song has accumulated more than 4 million views on YouTube.

Now, the Puerto Rican surprised his audience with his second song that mixes reggaeton and dancehall sounds, which combine perfectly with his way of rapping and singing.

The song is also accompanied by a strong promotional strategy on his social networks, in which the Puerto Rican appears in several photographs wearing clothing with the word “LOVEO” in which he is seen smiling and more relaxed in this new stage of his life.