India remembered Celia Cruz in her emotional speech after being honored at the Billboard Mujeres. (Photo: social networks)

India did not hide its excitement after receiving the ‘Pioneer’ award. In addition, she sang one of her musical hits live.

India received the ‘Pioneer’ award in the Billboard Latin Women in Music and she shone not only with a powerful performance, but also with a speech full of generosity and gratitude towards those who believed in her and supported her in her beginnings.

Accompanied by a large orchestra mostly made up of women, and with producer Sergio George, one of her first mentors, the ‘Princess of Salsa’ brought all her power and energy to the stage. In addition, she remembered why her “godmother” Celia Cruz He gave him the aforementioned nickname.


In a spectacular white suit with sequins, India He began singing the classic ‘Ese hombre’ and then performed, along with Luis Figueroa, his hit originally recorded with Marc Anthony, ‘Vivir lo Nuestro’.


With obvious joy and passion for her craft, she sang and danced smiling, infecting everyone with her energy. Moments later, she received the ‘Pioneer’ award from her friend, actress Maripily Rivera.

“First of all I want to thank God for creating us and music. I want to thank Billboard for always being here by my side from a very young age,” she said excitedly, thanking a series of key figures in her career, including her manager, producer Sergio George and the ‘Queen of Salsa’ Celia Cruz.

Then, he added the following: “I know that from heaven she (Celia Cruz) is proud of me. And I dedicate this to her and hers ‘Cabecita de Algodón’, my godfather Pedro Knight,” he said, pointing up with a smile.

(Source: Billboard Women)

Finally, India It reminded one more artist. “I would like to thank Gloria Estefan for inspiring her,” she commented. Since the release of her first album ‘Dicen que soy’ in 1994, La India inspired the beginning of a new era and sound for the salsa genre, representing female empowerment and becoming a voice for Latin women.

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