Just over a year ago, New Zealand-born producer Opiuo released “Bash Plate,” a wonky bass collaboration with fellow Kiwi ASHEZ. But their time in the studio together was only just beginning.

During Opiuo’s magnum opus performance at Red Rocks with the Opulent Orchestra last May, the electronic music luminary may have tested out a few new IDs on the crowd. Upon release of the Opiuo & The Opulent Orchestra live album in November, “Bash Plate” and “Candy”—a then-new release with ASHEZ—were included as original bonus tracks.

Fast-forward to this May, when the dynamic duo dropped the title track of their EP. Equal parts ominous and alluring, “Underground” is reminiscent of the feeling you may have experienced back when you were younger—attending that dark and dingy warehouse rave that you snuck off to as a teen, but made you feel so alive.

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EDM.com caught up with Opiuo and ASHEZ ahead of the release to discuss their relationship and the collaborative process throughout the creation of the Underground EP.

Also ahead of the EP’s release, “Bobby Dazzler” was delivered two weeks prior, pouring gasoline on the flames of anticipation for eager fans. The two talk about how this track was another unknown ID first rinsed at the Red Rocks spectacular.

“It was really cool because we had a couple of songs [at that point],” Opiuo says. “I had a middle section of the set without the orchestra, and these songs were very fresh and we were kind of testing them out still.”

“I was in the crowd,” ASHEZ adds about experiencing Opiuo playing out their collaborations live for the first time in front of thousands. “It was pretty awesome.”

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Up next, a departure from their usual sound, “Ricochet” launches listeners into an exploratory space and time warp.

“The idea of ​​it was to have multiple rhythmic patterns that were all different timings, and you couldn’t really find the groove until the beat finally comes in,” ASHEZ explains. “And then once the beat comes in, it all makes sense.”

Closing out the EP, “My Love” leaves listeners with entrancing feelings of devotion through inventive sonic expression with full synergy. “It was a good mix of us,” Opiuo says. They both agreed that this one “felt more like a full collaboration… 100% both of us.”

“For this one, we just started writing and didn’t have a direction,” ASHEZ shares matter-of-factly. “It just slowly evolved into this.”

“We only made more of it when we were together,” Opiuo adds when reflecting on their journey. “We never [worked on] it over the internet.” Doing so, allowed for more emotion and heart to pour in. “It was so free-flowing.”

Fans can catch Opiuo and ASHEZ performing together in Denver for “a very special show” in August, according to the former. I have said the show will provide “a more intimate warehouse style party debuting something brand new that [he’s] never done before.”

Listen to Underground below and find the new EP on streaming platforms here.


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