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After a successful but perhaps a little bland 2024 Glastonbury is returning again in 2025 with 2026 likely to be a fallow year

Glastonbury, arguably the world’s greatest and most prestigious music festival, has just announced its incredibly successful 2024 edition. However, the lineup was perhaps somewhat lackluster and headliner Sza had one of the smallest Pyramid crowds in recent Glasto history. As we all know though, the festival is much more than its Pyramid stage with an array of artists spanning genres across multiple stages, providing sonic goods and memorable performances throughout the weekend.

As the build up to the festival was underway this year, there were rumours that 2025 may be a fallow year, with Emily Eavis suggesting this was the case. However, post 2024 the festivals socials were quick to announce that Worthy Farm will be hosting Glastonbury Festival in 2025. It is worth noting though that 2026 is very likely to be a fallow year.

So, with the news that 2025 is on who do we think will be playing?

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