The funeral procession with the remains of the former president, who died on Tuesday when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in Lago Ranco, left this Wednesday to applause from the city of Valdivia in southern Chile, which is preparing for three days of state funerals. The remains of the former right-wing president (2010-2014 and 2018-2022) will travel from Valdivia, 850 km south of Santiago, to the capital on an air force plane accompanied by his widow, Cecilia Morel, children, grandchildren and a sister who were with Piñera on their vacation stay in a place surrounded by forests next to the immense lake, located about 70 km further south.


In Santiago, the coffin will be received by the leftist president Gabriel Boric. The procession will then leave for the headquarters of the National Congresswhere the remains of the former president will be laid to rest.

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“Probably this afternoon, at a time that will be informed in due course, the doors of Congress will open so that those who wish to pay tribute to the President can do so,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs explained at a press conference. Alberto Van Klaveren.

Chileans leave floral offerings at the entrance to the house of former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.  (EFE/ Ailen Díaz).

Chileans leave floral offerings at the entrance to the house of former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera. (EFE/ Ailen Díaz).

The Chilean Foreign Minister added that the funeral ceremonies will last until Friday, when the remains will be transferred to the Metropolitan Cathedral to hold a mass with the presence of “those foreign leaders or presidents who wish to participate in the funeral,” he indicated.

For now, the names of the foreign leaders who will travel to Chili to fire pineapple on Friday.

The 74-year-old former president barely he had taken off piloting his helicopter -one of his greatest passions-, after a lunch with friends and was traveling with his sister Magdalena pineappleyour friend and businessman Ignacio Guerrero and his son, Bautista Guerrero, when the accident took place.

The other three passengers survived virtually unharmed.

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the causes of the accident that occurred on a rainy day, with wind and considerable cloud cover. According to the story of a close friend at the scene, it is speculated that pineapple He felt ill health shortly before crashing and was the only crew member who could not loosen his seat belt in this lake with deep, turbulent waters.


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