Social networks have become a battlefield for fans of Shakira and Karol G, due to accusations of plagiarism directed towards the Paisa singer. It all started when Karol G shared a preview of her new song “Amargura” on her TikTok account, showing 21 seconds of it.

Karol G faces accusations of plagiarism for her new song “Amargura”

In the video, you can see Karol G performing a fragment of what appears to be her new song, with a description that says: “Me, here with jet lag thinking how delicious I danced with you.” However, Shakira’s followers were quick to point out that the melody and production of the song are very similar to “Addicted to You,” a song released by the Barranquilla native in 2012, on her album “Sale el sol.”

Look here at the meme that starred Susana, Julián Trujillo’s girlfriend, in the final stretch of The House of the Famous Colombia. Safety pin!

The preview of “Amargura” has already accumulated more than six hundred thousand “likes” on the TikTok platform, making it a success among Karol G’s followers. However, on this same social network, Shakira’s fans have left comments highlighting the similarity between the melody of “Amargura” and “Addicted to You”.

These accusations of plagiarism have generated division among the followers of both artists, who fiercely defend their idols. While Karol G’s fans assure that it is a mere coincidence, Shakira’s followers demand explanations for the apparent similarity between the songs.

Would Karol G perform at the 2025 Super Bowl?

It is speculated that Karol G could headline the halftime show of the next Super Bowl, giving the public an unforgettable performance. However, so far, neither the official sponsor of the event nor the singer’s team have provided an official statement on the matter, as published by En Casa Telemundo.

Although Apple Music has not yet corroborated this information, Karol G’s followers are excited and eagerly awaiting any confirmation in this regard.

If the rumors are true, the singer would join the list of Colombian artists who have had the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl. Her colleagues J Balvin and Shakira have already left their mark at this prestigious event, with hits like ‘Location’ and ‘TQG’, respectively.

So far, none of the artists involved have issued statements in this regard, so it remains to be seen how this controversy will develop and if legal measures will be taken in this regard. Meanwhile, social networks remain in suspense due to the uncertainty about Karol G’s alleged plagiarism in her new song “Amargura.”