No more side quests

Fear Factory is preparing to record a new album, guitarist Dino Cazares announced in a recent interview. Following 2021’s Aggression Continuum, it will be the band’s eleventh studio album, and the first since Milo Silvestro officially replaced founding vocalist Burton C. Bell last year. Cazares said of Silvestro:

He came straight from Rome, Italy. He sounds like a young Burton—you know what I mean?—back in the day. He sounds amazing. He’s probably the most musically talented in the band.

Silvestro is joined by drummer Pete Webber (havok), another recent addition, with bassist Tony Campos (Static-X) rounding out the lineup since 2015. For Cazares, the only remaining original member, the outlook is bright and the mission is simple: “New record with Milo Silvestro. That’s what we’re gonna do next…And then conquer the world again. “

With conquest on the horizon, Fear Factory will be supporting friends Coal Chamber on tour later this summer and fall.