RETURNthe band featuring bassist Christian Olde Wolbers (FEAR FACTORY, VIO-LENCE),vocalist Jon Howard (THREAT SIGNAL, IMONOLITH), drummer Eric Tysor and guitarist Nate Beberdickyou have released a new single, “Victim Of You”. The track, which features a guest appearance by former ILL CHILD and current LIONS AT THE GATE frontman Cristian Machadois taken from RETURN‘s debut album, “Deceiver, Believer”due on June 28 via the band’s own label, Close Encounter Recordswith logo artwork created by Tony Squindo, METALLICA‘s famous artist.

Howard says: “Collaborating with Cristian Machado for this track was awesome. I had a few ideas going into the song, but I waited to hear what he came up with before jumping in because maybe it would be better haha! Once I heard his take on the song and the lyrics he was writing, I connected immediately and was able to dig in and fit my vocals in. It was amazing to hear his take on the song and it really fueled more ideas to complete my end of collaboration. Also, how cool is it to have Misstiq play on the track as well? Sick!”

Tysor shares: “Feeling incredibly grateful to have collaborated with Cristian Machado on ‘Victim Of You’. His and Jon‘s powerhouse vocals brought this song to life in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”

Drinkdick adds: “It was such an honor working with Cristian Machado on ‘Victim Of You’! ILL CHILD‘s ‘Revolution Revolution’ It was such an influential album for me in my youth and is still part of the soundtrack to my life! For me, the tribal elements and feel of ‘Victim Of You’ pairs perfectly with Christian‘s vocals and delivery style. Misstiq‘s added touch with her incredible synth work really cemented the atmosphere and vibe of the song, making it one of my favorites so far!”

Olde Wolbers sums it up with: “This was another fun one with a great groove, and it was great to collaborate with Cristian Machado and Misstiq on ‘Victim Of You’.

The roots of RETURN began when founder Nate Beberdick first found the urge to play guitar and start a band in his youth, a fateful move which led him to drummer Eric Tysor. The two Virginia-based buds started DEVIATIONtraveling the East Coast in a run which found 15-year-old Nate sneaking into metal bars and clubs to perform, gaining a whirlwind of touring experiences over the course of three years, including shows with the pre-LAMB OF GOD band BURN THE PRIEST.

Even so DEVIATION‘s members eventually went their separate ways, there was no separating Nate and Ericwho not only bonded musically, but were actual family once Eric became Nate‘s brother-in-law. The two continued writing music and creating demos, working with additional musicians remotely. Despite their passion for keeping their music going, now under the RETURN moniker, the right people and timing simply did not line up for the duo quite yet. Altogether, they had amassed over 20 years’ worth of songwriting, but as Eric already had a family, and Nate focused on a government career and his newborn twins, they stepped away from the music scene for a few years. No matter what, the passion for the craft could not be extinguished, and during a reflective and inspiring time period, Nate came to realize how much he needed music in his life, and determined to come back to it with a newly ignited energy that was stronger than ever. Naturally, Eric was right back in the game, and the inseparable pair were reunited to take on the world as RETURN.

A highly fortunate mixup found the Richmond, Virginia-based Nate connected with a metal producer in Richmond, Australia by the name of Dr. Mike Trubetskovwho happened to work with Jon Howard of THREAT SIGNAL. Uncertain whether he would take on another project, Nate and Eric approached Jon and were pleased to find that he appreciated their talents and agreed to join RETURN. Christian Olde Wolbers of FEAR FACTORY was the next to hop right on board and join his ARKAEA bandmate Jon Howard.

The new four-piece set out to record a music video with Scott Hansen (MESHUGGAH, SEVENDUST), a director that Nate had connected with when he appeared in MESHUGGAH‘s “The Abysmal Eye” video, but as the year was 2021, Canada-based Jon was unable to travel to the shoot. They still managed to pull together their first production, cementing RETURN as a band, while big plans converted an initial EP idea to a full-length.

METALLICA devotee Nate financed RETURN‘s independent debut full-length by selling his METALLICA collection to fund the project. Though he’s been a lifetime METALLICA collector, he views it as a worthwhile sacrifice of music fueling music, and still has the power to push forward with a love of his favorite band, even with a lighter collection on his hands.

Nate and Eric are at the center of all songwriting for their full-length, with Tue Madsen following producer Dr.Mike on mixing and mastering from his own Antfarm Studios in Denmark. The result is “Deceiver, Believer”built on a foundation of their very own label, Close Encounter Records.

Photo credit: Rock With Siren