Tickets were sold out in just half an hour, compensating for those who purchased them months ago.

Cercle Musicor Cercle, simply, returns this year for a second edition in the “Air and Space Museum”, located in Paris. The French cultural company, which has acquired prestige and recognition within the scene since its appearance in 2016 thanks to its events organized in particular and extravagant locations around the world, and the subsequent broadcast of these on its YouTube channel, celebrates a new edition. This arrives for the sake of a very successful debut in 2022. For this new edition, Cercle is betting on a poster with an extremely attractive proposal, combining a healthy dose of live acts, refreshing B2Bs, and a lineup that, above all, fulfills the mission of telling a coherent story throughout the two-day festival.

Cercle’s concept is perhaps the most famous within the electronic music scene, only behind Boiler Room. The first time the world saw a DJ play on the Eiffel Tower, it is, in our opinion, the electronic scene’s equivalent of seeing Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon. For a scene born in the shadows, forged in the night, and whose audience is largely made up of people who tend to belong to the most marginalized communities in society, holding a musical festival within a museum located in the city known as “The city of light” It was, at first, as possible as reaching the moon. Today, Burak Yeter is preparing to become the first DJ to play at 55,000 feet, and Cercle Festival celebrates its second edition sold out in a museum in Paris. Dreams come true.

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For those who enjoy the current panorama of the dance music scene, it is almost impossible not to appreciate the quality, the desire to contribute something more, and the need to expose the public to a series of sessions that, as Cercle indicates, will lead to the audience to fly for two days of total madness and genius. House and techno in various variants predominate, of course. Of course, some more minimalist or melodic variations are added, and a good number of acts liveresulting in a truly amazing poster.

On a bill where more than half the acts are headliners in their own right at every other event they attend, it’s difficult to single out one act above the others. From the very special and never before seen B2B between Mochakk and Disclosure, the inclusion of several of the acts live most popular of the moment as it is Who Made Who or the french duo Oden & Fatzopassing through more rhythms underground like minimalism Boris Brejchaand culminating in the powerful and very varied sounds of the most classic techno of the legend Sven Väth, or the national star Indira PaganottoCercle has gone all out to give us, to our personal taste, one of the most solid posters at the beginning of the year.

While it is true that tickets for the festival have been sold out, the festival itself has set up a list to which you can sign up in case more tickets become available. You can access the list here.


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