Bad Bunny has celebrated his 30th birthday by presenting an Oscar award with Dwayne The RockJohnson. But the Puerto Rican singer’s birthday has been marked by a lawsuit he has made against one of his fans who attended one of his last concerts on his tour of the United States, Most Wanted Tour. After several notices, the artist has been forced to file a lawsuit against the fan for breach of a Copyright law.

And, according to TMZ, the Puerto Rican singer has sued a fan named Eric Guillermo Madronal Garrone, owner of the YouTube channel, MADforliveMUSIC, in which he publishes videos of complete performances of his live concerts. The artist, author of hits such as Tití has ​​assured me that the defendant attended his concert on February 21 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and recorded several of his complete performances from the concert to upload them to YouTube.

Far from everything being left there, the Puerto Rican wanted to provide more data. And he has made the fan known, supposedly, he would have taken advantage of both his name and his music to get visits. Therefore, as it could not be otherwise, this would have taken away numerous income from his official channel on the renowned website for publishing videos.

In the document analyzed by the aforementioned media, it can be known that the artist has already given him several notices to remove the videos, indicating non-compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Law. However, despite the platform removing the videos from the application, Garrone filed a countersuit, leaving the singer no other option to make this complaint. At the moment, and to date, only a video of Bad Bunny’s Utah concert remains available on his YouTube page. This is the performance of the orchestra that opened the Puerto Rican show. The video in question lasts approximately nine minutes.

An important detail is that it is not a simple video recorded with a mobile phone, but rather the young man had a place with the best views and came with high-quality recording equipment. As a result of this, Garrone faces a lawsuit with which Bad Bunny seeks to prohibit the publication of these videos on the platform and to impose a fine of 15,000 dollars (approximately 137,000 euros) for each of the videos published. or for any actual damage to the singer’s finances that can be demonstrated.

Bad Bunny’s fans, evidently, did not expect this new and surprising movement from the singer at all. Let’s remember that he is in the middle of his Most Wanted Tour, exclusively in the United States, and they are waiting to find out the outcome of this story.


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