As Anuel AA has announced, he is carrying out various professional projects that include a tour of various Latin American countries. In fact, he has also lived with some of his children, since with Cattleya, the daughter he conceived during his marriage to Yailin, he has not had any contact since the divorce; Even, she was not present at her first birthday. The urban music representative, who, precisely, usually makes public some personal issues, now opens his heart and says goodbye to an important person in his life.

This is his foster grandfather, as the famous man revealed, who dedicated an emotional farewell message to the person who served as his mother Nilda Santiago’s adoptive father.

“May you rest in peace, grandfather,” Anuel AA mentioned in one of the stories on his Instagram account. “Thank you for raising, loving, caring for and protecting my mom with your entire life as if it were your blood. With you I learned that blood does not necessarily make you related; It is loyalty and real love in family. And I learned that the real father takes responsibility, and is present throughout life, caring for and protecting his children, and being their correct guides in life.

That no matter how much they grow, you will always be present loving and caring for them as if they were still your babies, no matter what. [edad tengan].He accompanied the text with two images; In one, the reggaeton player appears with his grandparents and in another, only his grandparents. “Rest in peace warrior. May God have you in his paradise in heaven, in glory. I love you,” she concluded.

At the moment, there are no further details about what happened to the man, nor anything related to his funeral. Perhaps, later, Anuel AA will talk about this situation.


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