Some records take you on a journey; Autonome Acid Unit and Dark Prophet promise you nothing less than an adventure. If the Netherlands built an amusement park dedicated to their history of acid and techno then the tracks on Amsterdam Acid Adventures would be the overhead soundtrack for suspiciously fast and highly dangerous rollercoaster rides. This is extremely powerful shit, and there’s no fucking around. There are no cute tech house FX or retro-trendy polyrhythms thrown in to appeal to the fashionable lovies of the internationale: just jacking hats, snaking grooves and acid lines glowing, sinister in the dark.

The title track just fades in and fades out, like some four and a half minute segment sawed off from some larger, untamed opus. “Labyrinth of the Mind” ties your mind and every single nerve ending into sweaty knots; it’s glowering, ornery and a little frightening. “Inside the Hollow Moon” gives you an idea of ​​what standing too close to ignition at a Falcon 9 rocket launch might feel like, and that’s always fun. Even the quieter “Mind of the Labyrinth” feels like it’s setting you up for a jump cut scream. You can never have too much money or too many acid tracks in your crate and these are the kind that will taunt the rest of your collection into feelings of bleepy inadequacy.

⚪️Amsterdam Acid Adventures Tracklisting

Autonome Acid Unit featuring Dark Prophet: Amsterdam Acid Adventures (Groom Lake Universal / Digital)
1. Amsterdam Acid Adventures (6:35)
2. Labyrinth Of The Mind (7:38)
3. Inside The Hollow Moon (6:26)
4. Mind Of The Labyrinth (4:22)

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This record was submitted as a promo.

5Mag Issue 212
Out April 2024

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