Adele surprised everyone and everyone during her most recent show in Las Vegas by declaring her “love” for Bad Bunny.

Through social networks, various videos went viral where you can see how the “Rolling In The Deep” performer takes a short break in her concert, which is part of the residency she is carrying out in the American city. to read a series of “statements” that he had written down on a small piece of paper.

During this period, and in a surprising way, Adele confessed to being a fan of the Puerto Rican singer, before her entire audience, by mentioning: “b for Bunny, Bad Bunny, I love Bad Bunny.”

Will there be a collaboration between Bad Bunny and Adele?

After the video went viral, a large number of followers of the British woman, as well as the actor, reacted to what Adele said with multiple comments where, in addition to being surprised, they pointed out that there is the possibility of a possible collaboration between the artists. .

However, despite the emotion generated by what Adele revealed, another large group of users attacked the “Skyfall” singer for revealing her fanaticism towards the Latin singer.