“I am fighting for her… Sometimes I have given up, but I look at her and say: Who is going to fight for her? In other words, I am her mother.” With tears, these were Yailin’s words when talking about Cattleya, the daughter she had with Anuel.

In an interview with Bea Frank, the singer and influencer opened up for the first time after the controversy over domestic violence with her partner, rapper Tekashi.

Despite the difficult and high-profile episodes with the Mexican rapper, Anuel’s ex-wife did not rule out a wedding with him, and even expressed her desire to have two more children.

“Is there a wedding between Yailin and Tekashi in 2024?” Bea Frank asked her, to which she replied: “We are thinking about it, we are planning it. We are planning that, I want two more (children).”

Yailin, whose real name is Jorgina Guillermo Díaz, was asked the following: “What would Yailin say to Jorgina?” Her response was direct: “That she is strong, that she is brave, that she does not let herself be led into the hole, that she has a girl to fight for and she has a career.”

The controversial situation due to domestic violence between Yailin and Tekashi has been a secret to no one. Both have denounced each other for attacks against each other, but until now, they continue to share as a couple.

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The level of confrontation was so extreme that Wanda Díaz, Yailin’s mother, was involved and accused the rapper of attacking her for wanting to defend ‘The Most Viral’. The mother-in-law denounced the son-in-law, but in the end, the singers are still together.

Taking little Cattleya into account, many criticized Anuel’s silence on the situation, but at the end of January, a source told People en Español that the Puerto Rican is considering asking for custody. Additionally, the informant said he offered escorts for her baby.

Later, Anuel himself responded to journalists that “we are in the process of seeing the girl, I had not been able to see her yet since the first time I saw her.”


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