Yailin breaks her silence after the domestic violence scandal with her partner Tekashi 6ix9ine. In an exclusive interview with Bea Frank, the Dominican singer spoke about her current relationship with the rapper with Mexican roots. “Is there a wedding between Yailin and Tekashi in 2024?” asked Bea Frank. “We are thinking about it, we are planning it. We are planning that, I want two more,” she said about the possibility of having children with Tekashi.

El gordo y la flaca (Univision) broadcast a preview of the interview, which will appear tonight on the Dominican presenter’s YouTube channel. “What would Yailin say to Jorgina?” Bea Frank asked the singer, whose real name It is Jorgina Guillermo Díaz. “That she is strong, that she is brave, that she does not let herself be led into the hole,” she said. “That she has a girl to fight for and she has a career.”

Yailin burst into tears when talking about her daughter Cattleya, the result of her failed marriage to Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA. “I’m fighting for her,” she said about her baby. “Sometimes I have given up, but I look at her and say: who is going to fight for her? That is, me, I am her mother.”

Yailin recently had a hard time with the death of her paternal grandmother, and reappeared on social media accompanied by Tekashi and her daughter Cattleya.


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