And the saying goes that “after the storm always comes calm”, and apparently that is what has happened with the singers Yailin ‘La Más Viral’ and Tekashi 6ix9ine, who in the last months of 2023 starred in a lot of controversies that today have already been forgotten and now they live their love to the fullest or that is what it seems.

After the controversy with the lawsuit filed by her mother Wanda Díaz against the American rapper who allegedly physically attacked her, the Dominican offered an exclusive interview to presenter Bea Frank, in that talk she spoke about her relationship with the “Shaka Laka” singer. and how they have been forming a family with Cattleya: “We made mistakes, toxic couple things, but my daughter is fine. We show her the love that my daughter deserves as a family.”

To everyone’s surprise and a few months after getting divorced, ‘La Chivirika’ confessed that she wants to marry her partner and, in addition, wants to have two children with him. “Dany represents many things to me, like my family, that’s the biggest thing. That person has to be the one who is for you to have with your daughter. Children have to hold on to that person,” she added about Daniel Hernández, what 6ix9ine is really called.

“We are planning that (getting married and becoming parents), I want two more children,” he revealed with a laugh. Likewise, the reggaeton singer spoke like never before about how good Hernández’s company has been: “Dany came at a time that she needed. We started as friends, collaborators, she taught me projects, she taught me that life goes on (…) she is a very special person for me, I love him very much, I respect him a lot. I know that we have been through things and we are still here.”

Among other things, ‘La Más Viral’ stated that they are attending couples therapy. “We are trying, because when love is there, it is possible. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to and we are working on it (…) Life is written. If you can, you can; If you can’t, don’t force it. Make your life, I make my life. “You enjoy the moment,” she said. It should be noted that when Tekashi was released for attacking two producers in the Dominican Republic, he was ordered to attend therapy to control his anger.


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