The controversy between ‘Yailin, the most viral’ and Anuel AA continues to attract the attention of the media and users on social networks. As has been well known, the artists separated on bad terms, to the point that Anuel has shared almost nothing with her daughter Cattleya.

In fact, a few months ago Yailin accused him of domestic violence, but Karol G’s ex rejected those accusations and referred to his ex-wife as a “liar.”

“I do laugh, yes you are a narcissist. Tell the world, Ema, that you beat me pregnant. I never said anything for my girl, but I never thought you were going to go down, that low, dude,” said the influencer, while the Puerto Rican responded: “And why wait so long to express such an alleged abuse that you went through? Bah, liar. And all this because she says it’s my fault that the public attacked her when I let the world see that we were together… But before that I did whatever it took because a photo of me and her or something came to light that she and “I was talking.”

Why doesn’t Anuel see his daughter Cattleya?

Since Yailin gave birth to her daughter Cattleya, Internet users have been watching to see if Anuel shares with the girl. On the day of delivery, the singer accompanied her ex and met the baby, however, according to the ‘chivirika’, the artist has not shared with her again. For her part, it was Tekashi, Yailin’s new boyfriend, who assumed that role of father, and who has been in charge of giving all the love to the girl.

Recently, the singer also gave an interview to Brea Frank; There she opened her heart and revealed several details about her life and her relationship with her ex.

One of the things she said was that the baby’s first word was ‘daddy’. “If God wanted it that way, that’s fine, it’s normal, but I don’t feel bad, the moment will come when she tells him you know.”

Likewise, the young woman was questioned about Anuel’s relationship with Cattleya. Regarding that, she assured that he can always see her, but she has preferred not to: “His daughter is here whenever he wants, she is her daughter. Children have nothing to do with the parents’ mistakes, if she is not there it is because that person wants it that way, but his daughter is there.”


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