Karol G is going through a difficult time. After receiving her first Anglo Grammy on February 4 in Los Angeles, the paisa learned the news about the death of Tony Durán, her big fan and friend. After several weeks with complications due to pneumonia, the La Bichota fan died, just the same day that Karol G won the Grammy for best urban music album with her album Mañana will be beautiful.

Who was Tony Durán, Karol G’s number 1 fan?

Karol G herself had revealed months ago the story of how she met Tony Durán and the way she became his friend. The man’s continuous presence at the paisa concerts united them forever.

There are many people who decide to follow their favorite artists on their tours, attending different shows regardless of the place or price. This is what Tony Durán did with Karol G for more than 19 concerts, attending each and every one of them in the front row.

Karol G noticed this fan, whom he saw at every show, and began to build a friendly relationship with him, taking photos at each of the events. The most recent concert that Tony Durán attended, according to his Instagram profile, was at the Tomorrow will be beautiful festival in Medellín.

“I have some very nice followers and many of them when I’m on tour travel to different cities, even other countries, to see me and well, you see them more often and you begin to recognize them and you greatly appreciate the effort they make to accompany you to so many places. One of those very special followers is Tony,” the famous woman wrote weeks ago.

Tony admired and loved Karol G so much that he supported her in all her concerts and releases, becoming very close to the singer and her team. He even tattooed the same heart that the artist has on his left forearm.

In the same way, Karol G became very fond of his number one fan, something he demonstrated on January 7, when in the midst of his busy lifestyle he took a moment to ask for prayers for his health.

The singer went to her Telegram channel and noted that “I just found out that she had pneumonia, a bacteria got into her and she is very serious… I would be very grateful if each person who reads this little message can join me in a prayer for her recovery.”

Unfortunately, Tony Durán’s health condition worsened until last Sunday, February 4, the same day that Karol G was in Los Angeles receiving her first Anglo Grammy, he died due to these complications. Peace on his grave.


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