The world knows Future as a chart-topping rapper and prolific artist who has dominated the music industry with his unique style and sound. However, the rapper has also made headlines for his growing family. With each passing year, the curiosity surrounding his children continues to pique the public’s interest. This is because there seems always to be a new offspring in his ever-growing family tree. Future has also noted his kids’ creative spirit over the years, and we’ll just have to see how many of them follow in his footsteps. Altogether, Future has a confirmed eight children with eight different women. Here they all are.

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Jakobi Wilburn

Born on June 30, 2002, to Future and Jessica Smith, Jakobi Wilburn is the oldest of the rapper’s kids. Soon after Jakobi’s birth, Future and Smith split up and had a bit of a rift over the years regarding child support and the rapper’s presence in his son’s life. This was highlighted in a 2016 lawsuit where Jessica Smith sued Future for child support and accused him of neglecting Jakobi. Jakobi is now a rapper and goes by the name King Kobi. He has released a handful of singles and projects since 2020, including NORP SEASON, and Kobi$torm, among others. Unfortunately, he made headlines in 2020 after getting arrested on charges such as criminal gang activity, criminal trespass, and altered ID of a firearm.

Londyn Wilburn

Future and India J welcomed their daughter into the world on March 9, 2009. The couple’s relationship lasted for two years but ended shortly after Londyn was born. Despite their separation, the two seem to be on good terms. When the rapper gave shoutouts to the mothers of some of his children on Mother’s Day in 2020, he mentioned India J with much praise. “Such a great mother and always putting the kids 1st..u keep me healthy and I’m forever grateful for u, Thank u,” he wrote. Londyn Wilburn is now 15 years old, and even though she’s not seen very often, she seems to have a nice relationship with both of her parents.

Prince Wilburn

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On October 6, 2013, Prince Wilburn was welcomed into the world. He is shared by Future and Brittni Mealy, and is the third oldest of the rapper’s eight kids. The 10-year-old’s mother is an entrepreneur and creative director with affiliation to Cre8 Co, and Caresha Please, among others. Although Future and Mealy are no longer together, Prince has grown up spending time with both of them.

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Future Zahir Wilburn

Of all the kids in the world, only Future Zahir Wilburn can boast of having Future and Ciara as his parents. However, the 9-year-old’s relationship with his biological father has been quite contentious throughout his life. Allegedly, most of his growth has been witnessed by his mother Ciara and his stepfather Russell Wilson. Future Zahir Wilburn was born on May 19, 2014, when his parents were still engaged. However, soon after his birth, their engagement was called off and they never got back together. In 2023, Ciara suggested that her co-parenting relationship with Future is rather rocky after a journalist asked her about where they currently stand.

Kash Wilburn

Kash Wilburn is one of two kids fans didn’t know existed until Future revealed it in 2020. The youngster’s exact date of birth is unknown, but he was born sometime in 2015. When shouting out the mothers of his kids in 2020, Future mentioned Kash’s mom. However, the rapper kept the woman anonymous, choosing not to reveal her name. “My son Kash mother…real one. Cut frm a different cloth! Happy Mother’s Day baby k,” he wrote on X.

Hendrix Wilburn

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Born on December 14, 2018, Hendrix Wilburn is one of the many kids fathered by Future. The 5-year-old is shared by the rapper and internet personality Joie Chavis. Although the two have since separated, they have managed to maintain an amicable relationship. Despite their breakup, they co-parent their sons, and are both present figures in his life.

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Paris Wilburn

Paris Wilburn is the second of the two kids whose existence was revealed on Mother’s Day in a 2020 tweet. Before then, fans had no idea the rapper had a child named Paris, so it was quite a surprise. Although we are not sure of the child’s exact date of birth, she was born sometime in 2019. Like he did with Kash’s mom, Future chose not to reveal the identity of Paris’ mom in his Mother’s Day shout-out post. “Paris your mom deserves it! Happy Mother’s Day mama,” he wrote.

Reign Wilburn

The last of the rapper’s kids, Reign Wilburn is shared by Future and Eliza Seraphim. The four-year-old girl was born on April 19, 2019. Eliza Seraphim, a model and party promoter, is not the biggest fan of Future. As a matter of fact, the relationship between the two former lovers is one of the most sour in recent rap couple history. This is because of the sequence of events that occurred after Reign was born. After being hit with a lawsuit for paternity and child support, and months of denying Reign, a DNA test finally proved that Future was the child’s father. Subsequently, the judge who oversaw the case ruled that Future should pay $3,200 monthly for Reign’s expenses. However, by then, the relationship between Future and Seraphim was pretty much broken. Not much has been heard from Eliza Seraphim or Reign Wilburn since then.


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