WEBTOON logoThis morning, WEBTOON Entertainmenta leading platform for vertical scrolling digital comics announced a new “monetization program from creators” on their English language sites: “Super Like.”

Launching for eligible WEBTOON Canvas series in Spring 2024 and for WEBTOON Originals creators in Summer 2024, Super Likes “will let creators earn additional revenue and give users a new way to support their favorite Creators and series.” WEBTOON readers will be able to show a higher level of support for their favorite WEBTOON Originals or WEBTOON Canvas stories in a way that will translate into even more opportunities to make money off of their comics. As WEBTOON’s press release explains it:

WEBTOON readers will be able to show that they are Super Fans by purchasing and sending Super Likes on individual episodes. Super Likes directly supports Creators, who make money every time a reader purchases and sends a Super Like on their series’ episodes.

Super Likes will be another way for comics creators on WEBTOON’s Canvas and Originals programs to get paid for their work, on top of the already existing “on-platform monetizations options,” which include ad revenue, paid content purchases (eg pay per chapter, which readers use WEBTOON “coins” to purchase), and “an international localization program that helps Creators expand their fanbase and earning opportunities around the world.”

WEBTOON also provides other support to creators at the WEBTOON Originals tier, such as “advances to help jump-start production and episodic payments to assist with ongoing production. Off-platform, Creators can earn money from merchandising opportunities, and TV, film, and print publishing deals from Wattpad WEBTOON Studios.” For example, Wattpad WEBTOON Studios is behind WEBTOON Unscrolledtheir dedicated imprint for publishing several popular WEBTOON series as print graphic novels, including quirky horror/suspense series Everything is Fine by Mike Birchall and Cursed Princess Club by LambCat.

Everything is Fine by Mike Birchall, from WEBTOON UnscrolledEverything is Fine by Mike Birchall, from WEBTOON Unscrolled
Everything is Fine vol. 1 by Mike Birchall

There’s more details on how WEBTOON’s revenue-sharing/revenue-generation programs work on their “Make Money with WEBTOON” page.

“We’re in the business of supporting Creators, so our goal has always been to create multiple, scalable ways for creators to make money on WEBTOON,” said David S. Lee, Head of Content. “WEBTOON is home to some of the most exciting creators and passionate fandoms in comics. “Super Likes give fans a new way to engage with Creators and show their support for webcomics they love.”

The Super Like program will initially be available to WEBTOON Canvas series that meets eligibility requirements. Once a series is eligible, creators can apply to participate. Full program details and launch date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Visit WEBTOON’s Canvas page for more info about publishing comics via WEBTOON Canvas and visit their WEBTOON Originals page to see the current hit series from S. Korea and all parts of the globe to see what’s new.


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