Imagine you finally get the perfect spot in the crowd—but a giraffe comes out of nowhere and stands right in front of you.

While most budding artists struggle to get their friends to leave their couches and see them perform, RAJA found the ultimate rave crew in a group of the planet’s most beautiful animals. Promoting his new track, the aptly-titled “ANIMAL,” the Afro-house and techno producer performed a DJ set live in Africa to a crowd of zebras, giraffes, lions, buffalo, antelopes and more.

RAJA’s video features gorgeous footage of the African wilderness as he sets up his equipment right in front of his “crowd.” It pans out to show the beauty and scale of the natural wonders around the DJ and even cuts to footage of him walking with two small lions.

“ANIMAL” serves as the first entry in a new series of live performances RAJA has dubbed “WAKANDA,” which draws inspiration from the fictional African nation of the same name that serves as the home of Black Panther in the Marvel Comics universe.

There will be five chapters to the story: “MAMBA,” “BABULANA,” “MARSAI,” “WAKANDA” and “ANIMAL,” each of which RAJA promises to explore “the beauty, traditions, and rhythms of Africa like never before.”

The next chapter in RAJA’s saga will be released on July 19th, 2024. You can check out a trailer below and find “ANIMAL” on streaming platforms here.

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