It’s a good thing they made Marc Rebillet wear two robes because you can’t ask him to stay fully-clothed onstage—even if he’s performing for Google execs.

Earlier in the week, Google hosted its I/O developer conference to show off its work to shareholders whose hourly rate is greater than most people’s rent payments. Developers and execs in the showcase shared some of the new products and features ready for release from the tech behemoth.

While these things typically comprise exhaustive slideshows with cringe corporate-friendly humor sprinkled in, this year’s special guest was quite the surprise. To demo Google’s DeepMind-powered generative AI, the company boldly welcomed to the stage the unpredictable Rebillet for a live performance.

The improvisational music star used some of Google’s “Music AI Sandbox” tools to create and perform music during your rollicking set. In true Loop Daddy fashion, he of course ripped off his robe, but he was wearing a backup robe underneath because, well, Corporate America. He still spent plenty of time running around the stage screaming and even lovingly called the crowd “silly little nerds” while shocking them with his off-the-wall antics of him.

In addition to Rebillet’s live performance, Google recruited him for a promotional video alongside Wyclef Jean and Justin Tranter. The trio uses the aforementioned AI tools to create sounds from prompts they enter.

The results of a number of Rebillet’s experiments were shared on his YouTube channel, where you can hear him use “Google Loops” aka “Gloops” in a song.

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