During the VIZ Media Industry panel held this afternoon, the publisher led off with a massive bombshell of an announcement, confirming that it was now the sole rightsholder of the RWBY franchise, which was formerly held by Rooster Teeth Productions before their shutdown by former parent Warner Bros. Discovery in March in cost-cutting manoeuvres that continue to this day.

RWBY was the creation of 3D artist and video creator Monty Oumwho was known for fanmade videos that he regularly posted online to great fanfare, as they featured distinctive animation with equally unique character designs. Prior to the creation of RWBY by Rooster Teeth, Oum was best known for the fan video Haloid and the series Dead Fantasywhich were the videos that garnered attention from the video game industry for his animation talent.

Viz Media is no stranger to RWBY as a franchise, having signed a previous agreement in 2016 to develop original manga and books based on the property, which led to a manga series by famed mangaka Shirow Miwaadditional manga adaptations and The World of RWBY compendium book.

With the understanding that the acquisition was unexpected after months without any updates on its status, Viz has also released a short video with a companion FAQ which are found below.


What will happen to the official RWBY social handles?

The official RWBY X account and RWBY Facebook page will remain active for fans. These will be your best sources to follow for news. The official RWBY Japan X account will also stay active.

What does VIZ have planned for the future of RWBY?
VIZ is exploring the production of new chapters in the RWBY saga and we will make announcements as soon as we can.

Has RWBY Volume 10 officially been confirmed?

There’s no news yet on a new season of RWBY. Please follow the official RWBY X account and Facebook page for the latest updates!

Will VIZ use former production team members in the future?

Kerry Shawcross, series showrunner and co-creator, will be involved with the next phase of RWBY.

Where will RWBY Volumes 1-9 be available to watch?

Stay tuned for updates on where to watch! VIZ is exploring wider distribution for the series, including home video releases, additional streaming platform releases, and more.

Will RWBY merch continue to be available?
We have lots in store for future Official RWBY merch, so stay connected to get updates.

Will the RWBY Original Soundtracks be available to stream and/or buy?

Please stay tuned for more news about the return of RWBY‘s music catalog.

With the acquisition of the property by Viz Media, and as mentioned in the above FAQ, the transfer of rights to Viz means that there is currently no way to stream either the series or the soundtracks for the time being. The good news is that RWBY will be returning soon and in familiar hands with Viz Media, which is the best result any fan can hope for.