Hungarian Prime Minister and current President of the Council of the European Union, asked the Ukrainian president in kyiv on Tuesday that I consider a “Stop the fire” in the war with .

I asked the president to consider the possibility of a ceasefire quickly.”, which would be “limited in time and would allow for accelerating peace negotiations“, declared the nationalist leader, the only one in the EU close to the Kremlin.

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Zelensky insisted on the importance of a “just peace” for their country.

Orban, who had not visited Ukraine Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, he said that the conversation with Zelensky was “frank”.

Of course, I will report. [del contenido] of these discussions to the Council of the European Union (…) so that the necessary European decisions can be taken“, said.

Orban, whose country has just assumed the rotating presidency of the European Unionis reluctant to provide European financial assistance to Ukraine, which is vital for the country in the face of Russian invasion.

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Earlier this year, he vetoed a 50 billion euro ($53 billion) aid package that was eventually approved.

Despite these differences, the Hungarian leader expressed his desire to “improve” their bilateral relations.

Ukraine considers the withdrawal of Russian forces from its territory to be a prerequisite for peace, while Russia say what kyiv must give up five regions and give up its ambitions to join the NATO.


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