This Monday, he urged Republicans in Congress to oppose the agreement that provides for a $60 billion package to and a reform that tightens the US immigration system.

“Only an idiot, or a radical left-wing Democrat, would vote for this horrible border bill that only gives closure authority after 5,000 daily interceptions when we already have the right to CLOSE THE BORDER NOWwhat should be done”he said on his Truth Social network.

LEARN MORE: USA: Pact in the Senate foresees closure of the border with Mexico if it is “collapsed”

The Democratic President Joe Biden asked at the end of last year Congress to approve a legislative package with funds for Ukraine, Israel and security on the border with Mexico.

The Republicans conditioned their support on a tightening of the immigration policy.

A group of Republican and Democratic senators negotiated a pact revealed Sunday that provides new emergency authority to close the border between USA and Mexico when “is collapsed“, according to Biden.

If adopted, the authorities will be able to restrict border crossings if the daily average of migrants reaches 4,000 in a week, but will be obliged to prohibit them if they exceed an average of 5,000 a day – in a period of seven consecutive days – or 8,500 in a single week. day, reads in the text of the bipartisan agreement.

It remains to be seen whether this text will be approved by Congress in this election year due to the frontal opposition of the hard wing of the conservatives, loyal to trumpgreat favorite for the republican nomination for the presidential elections in November.

Don’t be STUPID!!! We need a standalone border and immigration billit states trump in his message, in which he asks that it not be linked “to foreign aid in any way”. “Democrats broke immigration and the border. “They should fix it.” he added.

trump accuses Biden of being weak and opening the border wide to migrants, which the democratswho claim to have expelled approximately 460,000 people in just over seven months until the end of December because they did not comply with the conditions to enter.

The Republican magnate promises “the internal deportation largest in the history of USAif he returns to the White House because he believes that migrants “they poison the blood of the country”, some comments that have earned comparisons with Adolf Hitler.


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