Influential DJ and electronic music producer Tipper you have announced his impending retirement.

“After spending the best part of my adult life touring and playing shows, I feel like its time to stop,” he recently wrote in an email to fans. “I’m very grateful for all the support over the years. It will be a wrap sometime in 2025. Peace Out.”

A pioneering producer who has been at the forefront of ambient and breakbeat since the mid-90s, Tipper will leave behind an indelible legacy in the electronic music space. His innovative “Tip-Hop” and thought-provoking downtempo style—as well as his masterful vinyl-scratching and sound design expertise—have long-positioned him on the bleeding-edge.

Tipper has heavily influenced a generation of electronic dance music producers over the years through his groundbreaking music, building a tight-knit community by virtue of his “Tipper & Friends” events.

Tipper’s next performance is scheduled for May 5th at The Rendezvous at Florida’s Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. After that, he’ll perform at California’s Lightning in a Bottle festival at the end of May.

Back in 2022, the enigmatic artist released a statement announcing plans to dial back his performances after receiving a health diagnosis that “changed his day to day in significant ways.” “It’s not life threatening, but it is Life Altering, and significant enough he took some time away from the studio for the first time in his adult life to get a grasp on everything,” his team wrote at the time.

Since the diagnosis, Tipper has limited his performances to a few per year. Those included curated festivals like Tipper & Friends (now The Rendezvous) and Secret Dreams.


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