Three new Elden Ring figures are joining Bandai Namco’s SH Figuarts Minis line, including everyone’s favorite four-armed witch Ranniher guardian Blaidd the Half-Wolfand Malenia Blade of Miquella. The new collectibles are set to launch for $30 later this year, starting with Malenia and Blaidd on May 15, then followed by Ranni a few months later on October 30. All three figures are available for preorder at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Malenia, Blaidd, and Ranni SH Figuarts Minis

Elden Ring SH Figuarts Mini preorders

  • Preorder Malenia, Blade of Miquella SH Figuarts Mini — $30
  • Preorder Blaidd the Half-Wolf SH Figuarts Mini — $30
  • Preorder Ranni the Witch SH Figuarts Mini — $30

The Malenia Blade of Miquella figure stands 4.1 inches tall and includes a display stand two detachable right arms, one of which holds her iconic curved blade that has been thwarted by millions of players.

Blaidd’s 3.9-inch figure includes a stand and his huge Royal Greatsword, which can be attached to the figure’s back or held in his detachable right arm.

Ranni measures in at 4.1 inches thanks to her recognizable pointed witch hat. The figure comes with a display stand and multiple detachable arm variants to recreate some of her poses from the game, including her outstretched hand gesture when accepting her side quest.

Several other Elden Ring collectibles are also available from Bandai Namco, including SH Figuarts Minis of the player character The Tarnished (wearing the Raging Wolf armor set from the game) and their guide, Melina. Both are available now for $30 at Amazon. There’s also a 6-inch figure of Festering Fingerprint Vyke on sale for just $57 (was $75) at Amazon that features 1-to-1 proportions and full articulation.

Raging Wolf mini, Melina mini, and Festering Fingerprint Vyke figure
Raging Wolf mini, Melina mini, and Festering Fingerprint Vyke figure

If you’re looking for more collectibles from popular dark fantasy franchises, several figures based on the Berserk manga series are also available for preorder at Amazon. Berserk inspired Elden Ring’s world, story, and art direction, and figures from both series would look great together on a shelf. And speaking of manga, you can record the first volume of the ongoing Elden Ring manga series for just $9.80 (was $13) and preorder volumes two and three at Amazon.


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