Anuel AA is one of the most prominent Puerto Rican singers of the urban genre, as several of his songs have become quite well known and he has managed to be heard in different countries.

The interpreter of ‘Mejor que yo’, according to the media ‘Cmtv’, began his musical career in 2011 and since then he has been inspired by different artists to make his songs. However, he recently surprised his fans by revealing that for one of his first songs he was inspired by The Beatles.

In conversation with American YouTuber Logan Paul on his podcast ‘Impaulsive’, the Puerto Rican commented that it is normal for artists to be inspired by others to make their music.

“My first song on the radio was called ‘Yesterday’ and it was inspired by The Beatles. That’s how the dream began. “They were the greatest artists in the world,” commented the Puerto Rican.

Likewise, he commented that he used to absorb everything good that other artists had to add it to his music. One of the podcast hosts even asked him if he had looked for inspiration in great composers like Mozart or Beethoven, but the Puerto Rican revealed that he had not.

This fragment of the interview became very popular on social networks and several Internet users commented on it. “So he openly admitted to stealing from other artists”; “What does the Beatles have to do with reggaeton”; “What did the Beatles have to do with it, hopefully the name”; “But how can you not know who Mozart or Beethoven is?” are some of the most notable messages.

On the other hand, in the podcast he recalled his time in prison, as he was locked up for 28 months for illegal possession of firearms. During this time, he created some songs that helped maintain his fame throughout this process.

Finally, he revealed that in his youth he had to face several monetary problems with his family and from a very young age he was motivated to create music to support his loved ones.


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