The number of people killed in thethis Saturday exceeded 28,000 as a result of the continuous Israeli attacks against this Palestinian enclave since the outbreak of the war between and on October 7, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by the Islamist group.

The institution specified that a total of 28,064 Palestinians have died and 67,611 have been injured, after the Israeli military killed 117 people in the last 24 hours.

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The Ministry of Health added that in recent hours the Israeli Army has “perpetrated 16 massacres against families of lto Gaza Strip”, which has also caused injuries to others 152 people.

According to the Palestinian Wafa agency, 25 Palestinians were killed in Israeli bombings on Rafah, at the southern end of the spit of land; considered until recently the only refuge for civilians, but which has already been declared by the prime minister Netanyahu as a military objective.

Around 1.3 million Palestinian civilians are in Rafahwith enormous shortages of basic products, due to the blockade imposed by Israel.

The Office of the Prime Minister of Israel assured yesterday that it was “impossible to achieve the war goal of eliminating Hamas and leaving four battalions in Rafahso he asked the Army to evacuate this area.

Waiting for the land incursion to extend to Rafah, Israel intensifies its military operations in Jan Yunisa Hamas stronghold in the south of the Strip where there has been an offensive in the area for more than two months, which is now concentrated in the western part of the city.

There, Israeli forces have kept the two main hospitals under siege for 20 days, the naser and the Al Amalwhere yesterday Israeli soldiers stormed inside.

“The occupation forces arrested eight members of the association’s staff in the Hospital Al Amalincluding four doctors, as well as four injured and five patient companions, reported the Palestinian Red Crescentwhich manages that medical center.

According to the organization, Israeli soldiers stormed the hospital for about ten hours, during which they searched the hospitaldestroyed some devices, equipment and furniture, They detained the staff, They interrogated them, beat them and insulted them and prevented the staff and patients’ companions from drinking water or using the bathroom.”


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