Carolina Giraldo, better known in the music industry as Karol G, has managed to achieve a successful career not only in Colombia, but also internationally, receiving different recognitions, such as the most recent at the Grammy Awards when she obtained the award for Best Urban Music Album.

The Colombian has been one of the greatest exponents of the genre worldwide for several years, so although her career is at the peak, she has already managed to raise a significant fortune.

To date, the paisa has 66 million followers on Instagram, plus 34 million subscribers on the YouTube platform, which has allowed her to generate a global community that has supported her in every single and album she has released.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth portal, specialized in the assets of world celebrities, it is estimated that by January 2023, Karol G’s fortune had reached 25,000,000 million dollars, which would be more than 98 billion Colombian pesos.

It should be remembered that, for 2021, the website had an estimated net worth of 8 million dollars, that is, in two years the paisa has increased its fortune by more than 100%.

This significant growth occurred mainly due to the singer’s world tours, in which, according to Billboard Boxscore, she managed to raise $69.9 million at the box office.


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