The Holy drops a peak time techno EP with industrial rave influence via his new record label, GKS.

This five-track release fuses thundering percussion with old-school synth lines and in-your-face vocals, in a style reminiscent of Green Velvet who has been a supporter of The Holy’s previous releases.

Living in the Canadian city of Montreal, Olivier Lamontagne aka The Holy, regularly frequents the DJ booths of the city’s most prestigious nightclubs, along with festivals such as Igloofest and Piknic Electronik.

Alongside his dance floor focused productions, The Holy has commissioned music to prestigious brands ranging from Christies NYC to Times Magazine.

“Boundless” opens the release with acid house style chords layered over thundering techno percussion to create a hands in the air groove.

“Step On My Feet” has powerful vocals underpinned by pitched tom drums, rumbling bass frequencies and fluttering synth stabs.

“Juicy” has a bumping groove with a rolling bassline and chunky percussion, layered with a menacing lead synth and sleazy vocals.

“Got It” has filter-swept synth chords and fizzing ride cymbals, overlayered by dramatic vocal bursts and punishing claps.

“North Side” has a booming kick drum and rhythmic vocal stabs, forming a foundation for MC-style vocals and raw breakbeat percussion.

Grab it here!