Featherweight is at the center of a controversy on social networks after making a mistake that many consider unforgivable. During an interview with GQ magazine, the “Lady Gaga” singer made a comment that left his followers and Internet users in general stunned: he sent a message to Steve Jobs, without remembering that the co-founder of Apple died more than a decade ago. , in October 2011, at the age of 56.

The unfortunate comment occurred while Featherweight was talking about his fondness for Apple products. In the interview, the singer revealed that he has three phones for different occasions: one for work, another for his personal life and a third to manage his social networks.

In addition, he confessed that he carries five portable batteries from the brand to ensure that his devices are always charged. ‘They give me life. I hate when my phone is dead, so I carry a lot of these,’ she declared, showing one of the portable batteries.

Reactions on social networks

During the question-and-answer session, in which celebrities share the essential items they always carry with them, Peso Pluma mentioned his need for a similar battery for his iPad. That’s when he made the mistake: ‘I have to look for one for the iPad, so Apple, Steve Jobs… Come on, I need one for the iPad,’ he said confidently.

The reaction on social media was not long in coming. Users began sharing the interview excerpt on platforms such as X and TikTok, generating a wave of comments and memes.

Responses ranged from disbelief to humor, with many mocking the singer’s apparent ignorance about Jobs’ passing. Comments such as “if I believe him capable of not knowing that Steve Jobs is dead”, “tag Steve Jobs”, and “Steve Jobs send a signal to the Peso”, flooded the networks.

Other users took the humor a step further, creating fictional situations in which Steve Jobs responded from the afterlife. ‘Steve Jobs from beyond: wow, I can’t even find you’ and ‘Steve Jobs rising from beyond to give him the battery’ were some of the phrases that went viral.

The situation, although embarrassing for Peso Pluma, became an entertainment phenomenon for many on social networks.