The corridos tumbados singer Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija has taken over international and national trends in recent hours, after the video of a romantic kiss between the famous Brazilian singer Anitta and him in the middle of a concert went viral.

It all happened in a recent performance by the Brazilian singer at Tecate Pal Norte, where Anitta provided an unforgettable show for her fans to the rhythm of her best songs and with her striking dances.

Although the artist’s presentation received all the praise, the spotlight of the night went to the Mexican singer Peso Pluma, who decided to surprise the artist in the middle of her presentation by getting on stage with a group of mariachis and a cake. to sing “happy birthday” to him.

Although minutes before both had captivated the audience to the rhythm of their collaboration “Bellaqueo”, this birthday detail of the Mexican with the Brazilian turned on all the cameras of Internet users.

In the middle of this special moment, both of them gave each other a surprise kiss on the mouth, the act that was recorded and has begun to go viral worldwide, generating divided opinions.

How did Nicki Nicole’s fans react to Anitta and Featherweight’s kiss?

This kiss between Peso Pluma and Anitta has provoked multiple reactions, mainly due to the controversy that the singer has experienced recently after his breakup with the Argentine singer Nicki Nicole, whom he allegedly cheated on with an American model.

For this reason, the Argentine singer’s fans have been expressing their rejection of the corridos tumbados singer for his kiss with the Brazilian, rumoring that behind that kiss there is something that could have started when he was still with Nicki Nicole.

This theory arises from the recording of the song between Peso Pluma and Anitta, released in early 2024 when the Mexican boasted of his relationship with the Argentine singer publicly.


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