Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine spoke for the first time about the relationship he maintains with Cattleya – daughter of rapper Yailín ‘La Más Viral’ and Puerto Rican urban exponent Anuel AA -, after confirming his romance with the minor’s mother in August 2023.

The relationship between Yailín and Tekashi has had its difficult moments, but equally, their moments of happiness have also been captured.

Now that the rapper has been released from prison again, after being denounced by his partner’s mother for having hit her, he has taken it upon himself to offer some interviews clarifying his situation and even revealing details of what his coexistence with the minor has been like.

This is what Tekashi said about his relationship with Cattleya

6ix9ine decided to tell what his relationship with Cattleya is like after becoming her father figure, despite the problems he has had with Yailin.

“I don’t touch on that topic of a real dad. I know I’m the man in his life. I don’t touch dad’s title, ‘I’m your dad; I’m the one who raised you,’” Tekashi said on the Fogaraté Radio broadcast (YouTube).

The famous man took it upon himself to mention what it means to be a truly present father by taking care of her without the need for material things.

“That’s a dad thing. When you are there they see you, they feel you. Heat the house; sleep. Take care of her. They don’t need a bottle of milk, diapers, or food. You see that little girl healthy, healthy, healthy. And happy,” she said.

Likewise, he explained the connection that has emerged between them by sharing even during his sleeping hours, which makes him very happy.

“[Cattleya] He doesn’t cry at all. Catta and I fell asleep before everyone else. And the world was there in the room, but I was sleepy; people see that,” she added.

Despite his words, criticism did not take long to appear on social networks, as they criticized him for being present for Cattleya but not for his children. In addition, Internet users went against Yailin for allowing him to share with his daughter despite having accused him of mistreating her.

“And what happens to your children Tekashi?”, “Raising someone else’s boy and he doesn’t take care of his now and giving advice”, “Yailin leaving her daughter in the hands of this man who beats her”, “When this Catta will be great who he hits,” they commented.

Tekashi was also in charge of clarifying the situation he experienced after being imprisoned in the Dominican Republic, ensuring that they did not find enough evidence to blame him, after his mother-in-law Wanda Díaz denounced him.

“When I was arrested, I swear on my mother’s behalf that she die, and on my life, on my children’s behalf, that they die, I never gave Doña Wanda a hand, that was evil. I have never put cameras in diapers, at home. The entire complaint is a lie. When I stood there in court I found 17 rulings in the complaint, 17 lies and I told the prosecutor’s office ‘I don’t know how you can sleep at night knowing that you are doing evil?’” She said.


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