Gallery Books has set an October 8, 2024 release date for “Walking Disaster: My Life Through Heaven And Hell”.

This candid memoir of punk rock, fame, and endurance from Deryck Whibleylead singer of SUM 41follows Whibley‘s rise from a punk kid in Canada to an international star.

From his earliest days as a kid in Canada, Whibley was a punk who loved music and couldn’t wait to achieve something bigger and better than the humble path that lay before him. Raised by a single mom and constantly moving from place to place, Deryck He was used to being the new kid, starting fights (or finishing them), and finding friends who shared his sensitivity for chaotic fun and loud music. SUM 41 was born of a group of friends who loved to jam, shared a DIY ethos, and were determined to be rock stars one day.

“Walking Disaster” es Deryck‘s story, but it is also the untold story of SUM 41. Deryck takes you backstage, into the recording booth, and through the highest highs and lowest lows of the band whose story is inextricably woven with its own.

With his insightful, earnest, and genuine voice, Deryck gets real about fame, fortune, and the music industry. From winning at the MTV Video Music Awardsbeing nominated for a Grammyhis high-profile relationships and friendships, contending with invasive paparazzi, and suffering from health issues that brought him to the brink, Deryck offers a forthright and unforgettable memoir.

SUM 41 is a Canadian punk rock band, active since the late 1990s. With over 15 million records sold worldwide, a Grammy Award nomination, two Juno Awards (seven nominations),a Kerrang! award in 2002, as well as multiple Alternative Press Music Awards, SUM 41 is an uncompromising and honest rock band which recently announced its final headlining world tour. Aside from his work SUM 41, Whibley you have had an active solo career as a producer and mixer.

In September 2023, Whibley He was discharged from a hospital after being treated for pneumonia.

Back in 2014, Deryck He collapsed in his kitchen and was rushed to the hospital, before doctors revealed his liver and kidneys had failed. He was placed in a coma for a week to help his body detox from alcohol and went on to get sober and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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