PreSonus Studio One 6

I have been using Studio One since its release in version 4, and it has taken me a significant amount of time to master its capabilities fully. Initially, I explored several other digital audio workstations (DAWs), but ultimately, Studio One has emerged as my preferred choice due to its robust feature set and seamless workflow.

One of the primary reasons I have chosen Studio One is its commitment to regular updates, which ensures that the software remains stable and compatible with the latest hardware and plugins. The daw’s intuitive interface and streamlined workflow make it easy to navigate, even for complex projects. Furthermore, the built-in plugin suite, including the PreSonus Classic Compressor, EQ, and Reverb, offers a comprehensive range of processing tools, allowing users to create high-quality mixes without relying on external plugins.

In addition to its technical merits, Studio One’s support team is renowned for its prompt and friendly response to user queries. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a newcomer to music production, Studio One’s comprehensive resources and dedicated support team provide an unparalleled level of assistance, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create professional-grade music.

Overall, I find Studio One to be a powerful and reliable DAW that has become an essential part of my music production workflow. Its versatility, stability, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for producers of all levels.

Fabfilter Pro-Q 3

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The Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 is a vital component in my workflow, not only on this album but on every project I work on. As I believe that EQ is a crucial aspect of the music production and mastering process, I rely heavily on this plugin to get the sound just right. What I particularly appreciate about the Pro-Q 3 is its intuitive mid/side processing capabilities, which allow for precise control over the tone and balance of my tracks. Additionally, the plugin’s built-in frequency spectrum analyzer is incredibly useful, providing a visual representation of the audio signal that helps me identify and target specific frequencies with ease.

iZotope Ozone 11

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iZotope Ozone 11 is the final plugin in my mastering chain. I’ve been using it extensively since its 11th iteration and I’m impressed by its versatility and effectiveness. Specifically, I really like the Exciter module, which adds subtle harmonics and tone-shaping capabilities to my master tracks.

I use almost every module in Ozone 11, but not heavily – just subtle tweaks to get the best sound. The plugin’s interface is easy to navigate, and it integrates well with my other plugins and processing chains. I appreciate the level of control it offers, from subtle EQ adjustments to more dramatic effects. Overall, Ozone 11 is a reliable and powerful tool for getting my mixes to sound their best.

Universal Audio – UAD Spark

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I recently transitioned to Universal Audio’s (UAD) subscription-based plugin model, which has enabled me to access their renowned suite of emulations. As a result, I’ve been able to integrate several UAD plugins into my workflow, including the Pultec Passive EQ, Oxide Tape Recorder, and Capitol Mastering Compressor.

On my drum bus, I use the Pultec Passive EQ (Type T) to add subtle tone and definition to the mix. The Type T is particularly effective in enhancing the attack and clarity of the drum kit, allowing me to sculpt a more nuanced and detailed sound. When processing the master chain, I often employ the Oxide Tape Recorder plugin to impart a warm, analogue tape-like quality to the mix. This plugin’s ability to subtly add texture and saturation has been particularly effective in enhancing the overall cohesion and cohesion of the mix.

In select instances, I also use the Capitol Mastering Compressor as a first-stage compressor on my master chain. This plugin’s precision and transparency allow me to effectively control the dynamics of the mix, ensuring that the loudest peaks are gently reigned in while maintaining the overall dynamic range of the music. Whether used subtly or more aggressively, these UAD plugins have proven to be invaluable tools in my mixing arsenal, enabling me to craft mixes that are both sonically pleasing and musically effective.

‘Lonely Road’ is a deviation from the well traveled path for Forbidden Society.

An album focused on exploration and expression, ‘Lonely Road’ sees Forbidden Society travel in new directions. We encouraged him to explore personal and musical themes and it led him to this beautiful, dark and dense body of work.

Sometimes someone can be found hiding in the noise. Away from light, cloaked in distortion, breathing under the concrete. They might be found to speak, a lone transmission like a resonant peak in a storm. Their voice is dwarfed by the violence, but if you listen closely, you can hear their story.