A strong earthquake of magnitude 5.7 shook the Hawaiian archipelago, the Geological Survey of Hawaii reported this Friday. (USGS), without a tsunami warning having yet been issued.

The epicenter of the earthquake was identified 4 kilometers northwest of Pahalaa town located on the main island of the American archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

The tremor was felt around 10:00 am local (20:00 GMT) by residents of the Big Island who told local media about how paintings fell from the walls and other objects were shaken.

In the immediate No material damage or injuries were reported.

Pahala, with an estimated population of about 1,600 people, is located about 274 meters above sea level, in the south of the Big Island. Former sugar plantation, it is a tourist destination with shops, restaurants and paradisiacal views of the sea and mountains.

Hawaii is the epicenter of high seismic activity.

It is also home to six active volcanoes, including Mauna Loa, the largest in the world, which recently erupted, producing lava fountains 60 meters high.


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