LIVING COLOR vocalist Corey Glover and ADRENALINE MOB guitarist Mike Orlando have launched a new project called SONIC UNIVERSE. The group, whose lineup is completed by bassist Booker King and drummer Taykwan Jacksonwill release its debut album, “It Is What It Is”on May 10 via earMUSIC. The 10-song effort was produced, engineered, and mixed by orlando at his Sonic Stomp Studios.

The official music video for the LP’s second single, “Higher”can be seen below.

“Higher” follows the statement of purpose that was first single “Yo soy”. It’s a call for strength and resistance in the face of opposition: “Sometimes it’s all around / Can’t get yourself up off the ground / Don’t let the world bring you down.”

“It Is What It Is” track listing:

01. Yo soy
02. It Is What It Is
03. Turn A Blind Eye
04. My Desire
05. Whisper To A Scream
06. Higher
07. life
08. Eat What May
09. I Want It All
10. Beautiful Disunity

The “Yo soy” video was directed by Tom Flynn (whose credits include videos for LAMB OF GOD and BUCKCHERRY) and shot in Toms River, New Jersey. Check it out below.

When the collaboration between Glover and orlando was first announced in 2019, orlando described the project’s musical direction in an interview with “Talking Metal” as “just straight-up rock. It’s heavy rock. Of course, it’s just one hundred percent chock-full of Corey Glover and my guitar styles. [It’s] bluesy [and] funky. There’s a little RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE in there. There’s a little bit of soul in there. All the stuff that I love kind of just melted into one melting pot. It’s just a conglomeration of styles all melded into one. There’s no one particular thing that it screams. It’s just heavy, hard rock kick in you know what. [Laughs]”

Describing the upcoming album as “one of the best things I have ever done,” Mike said that Corey “is not only the coolest cat going, but he is one of the greatest singers on this earth. It’s such an amazing experience to play with Corey and to be doing an album with him.”

He added: “It’s everything you would imagine from Corey, and I add my element to it, which is different than I’ve ever done. It’s not ADRENALINE MOBit’s not SONIC STOMP — this is something really cool and different for me, so it’s even that much more special for me.”

orlando and Glover They played their first show together in September 2019 at the Iridium in New York City.

Back in 2016, Mike was injured in an ADRENALINE MOB road accident that resulted in the death of the band’s bassist, David Zablidowsky.

At the time of the accident, ADRENALINE MOB was touring in support of his third studio album, “We The People”which was released in June 2017 via Century Media.



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