As a preview of his new work, «Clear Cold Beyond«, which will go on sale on March 8, 2024 through Atomic FireFinnish melodic metalheads ARCTIC SONATA They surprise their fans with a new video clip.

His latest song, «Dark Empath«, can now be enjoyed in all its visual splendor. Telling the story of a character persecuted, both mentally and physically, the disturbing result, which was created by a team led by the director/writer Miikka Lommi and the producer Katja Jokinencan be seen below.

The singer Tony Kako previously commented:

«This song is part of a saga that began on our second album’Silence‘ in 2001 – some even think it started on our debut album with the song ‘The End Of This Chapter‘- and that already has many sequels and prequels. Its stalker theme offers a framework for writing songs with a certain style that I really like. People don’t seem to mind, luckily, haha! It is not a chronological story, but rather a theme with recurring and familiar characters who end up experiencing variations of the theme over and over again.

«Clear Cold Beyond» is packed with powerful songs and fuses the best of all eras of the multifaceted work of ARCTIC SONATA: From high-speed anthems like those already mentioned «First In Line” and “California» to emotionally charged songs like «The Best Things» and the song that closes the album, this album offers something for each and every fan of ARCTIC SONATA.

The album’s artwork, reminiscent of his early work, was created by Niko Anttila and the band once again had the mixing engineer Mikko Karmila (Finnvox Studios; «Ecliptic» [1999] – «Stones Grow Her Name» [2012]). The final mastering was carried out by Svante Forsbäckwho has also participated in other productions of ARCTIC SONATA.

sonata artica ccd1123

«Clear Cold Beyond» tracklisting:

«First In Line»
“Shah Mat”
“Dark Empath”
«Cure For Everything»
«A Monster Only You Can’t See»
«Angel Defiled»
«The Best Things»
“Clear Cold Beyond”

Bonus Tracks (digipak + vinyl only):
«A Ballad For The Broken»
«Toy Soldiers» (Martika cover)

«Clear Cold Beyond» will be available in the following formats:

  • CD-digipak
  • CD jewelcase (US)
  • 2LP vinyl [winter night marbled (blanco/negro) | icy-blue marbled (transparente/azul)].
  • digital

Pre-order the album in the physical format of your choice, pre-order it on your favorite DSP, or order digitally to receive «A Monster Only You Can’t See” and “First In Line» instantly now, here.

Tony Kakko – voice
Elias Viljanen – guitars
Pasi Kauppinen – bass
Pasi Kauppalainen – bass Pasi Kauppalainen – keyboards Henrik “Henkka” Klingenberg – keyboards
Tommy Portimo – drums


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