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Weekend Reading 208
Weekend Reading 208: Disney Adventures.

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’ll be reading The Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 3: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers: The Count Roquefort Case and Other Stories. This volume includes a dozen comics inspired by the Disney Afternoon block of animated programming. Many of these comics come from Disney Afternoon magazine’s comic section, which was edited by The Beat’s own Editor in Chief Heidi MacDonald from 1992 through 1999. Along with newspaper funnies, these GIVES comics were a formative element of my lifelong interest in sequential graphic narrative. I’m looking forward to relaxing with this beautiful hardcover on what is shaping up to be a lovely spring weekend.

Weekend Reading 208Weekend Reading 208
Weekend Reading 208: Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 8.

DEAN SIMONS: Been binge reading Hiromu Arakawa‘s most famous series Fullmetal Alchemist lately. I had been contemplating checking out one of the mangaka’s most recent series when it occurred to me that I actually hadn’t read full metal. The ’00s anime was one of my first gateways when I was a teenager. I can’t remember if I saw the whole thing but reading the manga brings it back in all of its hilarious/amazing/depressing/disturbing glory. Currently published by Yen Press, it is translated by Akira Watanabeand adapted by Jake Forbes. Currently reached volume 8 of the 27-volume series.

Weekend Reading 208Weekend Reading 208
Weekend Reading 208: X-Men: From the Ashes.

TAIMUR DAR: I’ve definitely been on an X-Men kick lately due to the X-Men ’97 animated series, so I’m going to be continuing it over the weekend. I’m currently reading the trade collection of Uncanny X-Men: From the Ashes. It also dawned on me that I’ve never read those first issues of the adjectiveless X Men title that launched in the ’90s from Chris Claremont and Jim Lee so I’m finally going to read those.

Weekend Reading 208Weekend Reading 208
Weekend Reading 208: Dead My Killer and Walls of the Bound.

KRISTINA ELYSE BUTKE: I’m checking out two new BL manga this weekend. First up is Dear My Killer Tune by Iyada, about a hairdresser named Harutaka who is a lifelong fan of the guitarist of a famous band. One day the guitarist comes into the salon, and the line between fandom and adoration gets blurred when Harutaka meets the man of his dreams! Then, I’m diving into the Omegaverse with Walls of the Bound by Keri Kusabi. In this story, alpha Keisuke is transferred to an office consisting entirely of other alphas, or so he thinks…it turns out his boss is an omega named Miyabi, who offers his body up to get whatever he wants. Keisuke doesn’t like omegas, but he pities his boss for his business tactics. But could something else be brewing there, too?

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