That has been the case of Shakira, who, taking advantage of her congratulations to all the women in the world for their maternal and protective instinct, has shared an endearing image with her offspring, Sasha and Milan.

The snapshot reflects a most intimate and personal moment of the three when no one sees them and they are in the warmth of their home in Miami, without cameras, without rushing and in their company, which they make the most of.

The artist’s words reveal, once again, that her children are her happy place where she always wants to be.

“Today I want to celebrate all the women who give and nourish life, because all of us, with or without children, know how to care for and fight for those who depend on us. And to Milan and Sasha, the two suns of my life, thank you for illuminating it and completing me,” she wrote alongside the photo.

In it, mother and children are making music in the living room of their house, guitar in hand and Milan in charge of the drums, showing the mini band they have formed and how much fun they have together. The little ones have inherited their mother’s passion for music and, judging by how they play some instruments and how they sing, they could follow in her footsteps perfectly.