Shakira has established herself as one of the most successful Colombian singers of all time. Her great talent as a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and businesswoman has led her to be recognized worldwide as a reference for new generations in the industry.

The Colombian has been in the highest positions in terms of reproductions of her songs. Even her collaborations have become resounding successes, such as her song with Bizarrap, Karol G, Manuel Turizo, Maluma and Alejandro Sanz, among others.

However, there was an occasion when a Mexican band refused to work with the Colombian one. Who is it about?

Famous Mexican band refused to collaborate with Shakira

Although many would like to work together with Shakira on one of her hits, the Colombian confessed that it was not always like this, since there was a band that refused to collaborate with her on one of her songs.

Through a chat with Gali on the La Música podcast, the Barranquilla native confessed that, in the past, Maná did not want to record her great hit La Torture with her.

She assured that they were not interested in working with her. For this reason, she sought out Alejandro Sanz, which was considered a great success, since the song was awarded a Latin Grammy Award and named MAS Song of the Year in 2005.

Although this was an unfortunate situation, the Anthology performer mentioned that, some time later, Maná sought her out to create the song My Truth, which was also a success.

“I remember that when I invited Alejandro Sanz to do Torture I had invited Maná and they said no. Later they invited me to do My Truth, but at that time it is true, when I invited Alejandro, which was also a success, there were no collaborations and reggaeton was just beginning, it was something that was very segregated to Puerto Rico.”

He added: “We made La Torture, which I remember, was very successful in Spain, but reggaeton was not yet popular in Spain, there were many prejudices against reggaeton, and La Torture was a reggaeton, what happened was that we included Alejandro Sanz to disguise it. a bit”.

At the moment, Maná has not revealed the reason why she did not want to participate in the song La Torture with Shakira.