Shakira, one of the most influential and followed Latin artists worldwide, is at the center of controversy after expressing her support for the LGTBIQ+ community. The Colombian singer, known for her music and social commitment, has seen a significant decrease in her number of followers on social media due to a recent post celebrating pride and equality.

Shakira’s controversial post

In recent days, Shakira shared a message of support for the LGTBIQ+ community on her social media. “I hope everyone had a great Pride Month! Always supporting equality, the freedom to love and friendship,” the artist wrote, accompanying the text with a photo in which she was smiling broadly and dressed in the colors of the rainbow, a symbol of the LGTBIQ+ community.

Shakira’s comments on social media have mixed reactions

Shakira’s post sparked a wave of mixed reactions. While many of her followers praised her stance and thanked her for her support, a considerable sector showed their disapproval, triggering a decrease in her number of followers. The negative comments focused on questioning her ethics and responsibility as a mother, and accused the singer of promoting an agenda they consider inappropriate.

Some of the critical comments included phrases such as: “She analyzes things like a responsible mother,” “Shakira, you have children,” “What need is there to support people who highlight perversion and everything bad in the world,” “One less follower, what a disappointment,” “Goodbye, I can’t believe it.”

Despite the controversy, Shakira has not deleted the post or made any further comments on the matter. Her decision to stand firm in her support of the LGBTQ+ community reflects her commitment to equality and the freedom to love, values ​​she has championed throughout her career. This situation highlights the divisions that still exist around LGBTQ+ rights and the acceptance of diversity.

This incident underscores the power and volatility of social media, where opinions can change quickly and public figures are constantly under scrutiny. For artists like Shakira, expressing support for social causes can have both positive and negative repercussions, affecting their popularity and public perception.

Shakira, with her global influence, decided to use her platform to support the LGBTQI+ community, even at the risk of losing followers. This act of solidarity highlights the importance of visibility and support for human rights, reminding us that public figures have the power to influence society and encourage change, even if they sometimes face resistance.

In a world where the fight for equality and acceptance continues, the support of influential personalities like Shakira is crucial to moving towards a more inclusive and respectful society.