Sensuality, Success and Autonomy: The Dazzling Journey of ‘The Marcians Vol. 1’ with Chris Jedi, Gaby Music and Dei V

Dynamic Latin music production duo Chris Jedi and Gaby Music have released the highly anticipated five-track EP, “Los Marcianos Vol. 1,” marking a milestone in the music scene. The compilation brings together notable figures in Latin music, including Dei V, Anuel AA, Ozuna and renowned Puerto Rican rapper Kendo Kaponi, in a sonic experience that transcends borders and styles.

With the EP now available on all streaming platforms, the musical prowess of Chris Jedi and Gaby Music shines brightly on each track of “Los Marcianos Vol. 1.” The exploration of themes such as sensuality, success and autonomy is intertwined with songs like “Bad Boy”, “Barbie” and “Perreo Lento”, taking listeners on an emotional journey.

The title track, “Bad Boy,” ignites unbridled passion, exploring the intensity of a passionate night between a street boy and an unattainable woman. The collaboration between Dei V, Anuel AA and Ozuna creates a lustful atmosphere, where devotion and the tempting appeal of the moment eclipse all inhibitions. Additionally, the song pays homage to Brazilian culture, reflecting the resilience and vibrant spirit of the favelas, just as Anitta did on her album “Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story.”

Chris Jedi and Gaby Music, responsible for previous hits with Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Ozuna, and more, cement their position at the top of Latin music with this sensual EP. The renowned duo, who have collaborated with renowned artists such as Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel, De La Ghetto and Cardi B, join forces with the emerging Dei V, who leads the lead single and promises to mark 2024 with the distinctive versatile style of he.

Dei V, already acclaimed for his previous collaborations with notable artists, has reached the Billboard charts, Hot Latin Charts and Spotify Top 200. Recognized as one of the Latin artists to watch in 2024 by Rolling Stone, Dei V is presented as the lead artist of “Los Marcianos Vol. 1”, consolidating his position as an unstoppable force in the Latin music scene.

This EP not only represents an exceptional collaboration between established and emerging talents, but also a milestone in the careers of Chris Jedi, Gaby Music and Dei V, which promises to resonate in the hearts of listeners and redefine the boundaries of contemporary Latin music. A musical journey that will undoubtedly leave its mark in 2024!


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