The Venezuelan band based in Chile, SELBSTpresents his new video clip for the song «Chant of Self Confrontation» which will be part of his third full-length «Despondency Chord Progressions«.

Following the overwhelming concern of his debut in Debemur Morti Productions«Tales of Anguish» of 2020, the band steps forward with a full sense of purpose, balancing introspection and anger through beautifully fluid arrangements filled with passionate melodies.

«Chant Of Self Confrontation» beautifully contrasts icy riffs, thunderous percussion and heart-wrenching vocals with moments of melodic respite featuring haunting clean vocals and captivating lead guitars.

The artist Fabio Rincones He was in charge of the production of the video, also lending his talent to the design of the album cover. The images were recorded in Mérida (Venezuela) and Santiago (Chile).

The composer “N» delves into the narrative behind the song and video:

«Musically, it was one of the songs that flowed the fastest during the writing process and it was the first one I worked on for this album, which in some way set the course for the rest of the songs. Compositionally, both guitars (lead and rhythm) do not seem to go together or in unison throughout the entire song, but rather one passes through the other, presenting somewhat complex figures that could work perfectly separately, but in this case, they are intertwined. Lyrically, the song is based on the internal struggles that an individual must endure, how guilt, fear or feeling tormented by an event from the past can haunt you. That’s why I asked Fabio to develop this struggle and personify it figuratively, so to speak. He and his team achieved much more than that with the girls’ scenes, which they also did an excellent job!

I also had the immense pleasure of meeting in person Alex of Aversio Humanitatishere in Santiago, who was the first vocalist of SELBST years ago. He is a friend, and an audiovisual producer, so he helped me with some of my shots. He was here for a few days and took the time to chat and make the recordings. It was a very nice gesture on his part, I appreciate it very much.

I wanted to give this video a special touch compared to the one that was released a couple of years ago for the previous album. So it was a very special and interesting experience to get in front of a camera for this purpose…”

«Despondency Chord Progressions» will be released on April 19, 2024, on CD, Cassette, Vinyl and Digital on platforms with worldwide distribution by Debemur Morti Productions.


  1. The embodiment of all fears
  2. When True Loneliness Is Experienced
  3. Third World Wretchedness
  4. Chant of Self Confrontation
  5. The One Who Blackens Everything
  6. Between Seclusion and Obsession
  7. The Stench of a Dead Spirit

«N» is responsible for all composition, music and lyrics. The guitars, bass and vocals were captured by «N” in Unpleasant Records. The battery was provided by Jonathan Heredia and was recorded by Simon Da Silva of Aversio Humanitatiswho also mixed and mastered the album at The Empty Hall Studio.

«N» delves into the meaning of the album title and its cover:

«Following a bit what was presented in my previous work (‘Relatos de Angustia’) and taking into account that there is no general theme that connects all the tracks as in a concept album, I wanted the title to somehow encompass the tone in terms of lyrics that were expressed throughout the seven tracks that make up the entirety of this recording. For me, these themes bear witness to the times we live in and that I have witnessed: discouraging and violent times in which everything seems to slowly but inexorably approach an almost certain global decline. Also, because this time I allowed myself (or maybe it just flowed that way) to musically explore some other textures that I hadn’t exploited before. I found the idea interesting that this perhaps more melancholic and musically mature aspect was also reflected in some way in the title. Therefore, ‘Despondency Chord Progressions‘I think it is a very open but at the same time precise way of defining what this album contains.

When it comes to the work of art: From the very moment of conception, all creatures are condemned to the overwhelming indifference of nature and, therefore, to death. This is something that we as humans cannot escape, being even weaker than many other species. I believe that the innate fragility of our species is reflected in this art, as well as the indifference with which nature and life itself treat us along our tortuous path. That is why this work of art represents both the beginning and the end of our journey. Everything at once”.

Pre-order the album in the format you prefer through the label’s European and North American web stores Debemur Morti Productionsas well as in his bandcamp.

14 years in black metal SELBST.

SELBST was created in 2010 in Venezuela made up of «N«, in charge of composition (guitars, bass and lyrics). In 2011 they published the demo «Veritas Filia Temporis» via seal Self Mutilation Services from Mexico; In 2013 a split with the projects of Frozen NIHIL (Esp) and Aversio Humanitatis (Eng), called «Three Ways Of Consciousness«, by the same seal. In 2014, a new split was released together with the Venezuelan band Holbach called «Aversio a Deo et Conversio ad Creaturas» on tape by Centurion Productions (Come) and later, at the end of 2015 by Tridroid Records (USES).

In October 2015 it was signed with the seal Sun & Moon Records from Romania, who released the EP «An Ominous Landscape» which is published in December of that year. For 2016 «N» moves to Chile in search of new opportunities and escaping the difficult situation in his native country. It is here where she recorded her first full-length called simply «Selbst«. This album has also been released by Sun & Moon Records.

In 2018 they consolidated themselves as a four-member band to perform live performances for the first time, passing «N» to perform the voices definitively. The compilation «Secular Compendium«, CD that compiles the band’s first works before the EP.

In 2020, the band’s second album was recorded, which was released in August through the label Frances Debemur Morti Productions in CD, Vinyl and digital format.



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