‘Salsa lives in Peru’ delighted the audience in the run-up to the Heat 2024 Awards. (Photo: CRP)

Peru threw a party in the run-up to the Heat 2024 Awards! The Showcase was a huge success and featured the participation of outstanding artists.

The 2024 Heat Awards, which will be held in the Dominican Republic, are just around the corner, but Peruvian artists are putting the party together. The latest ‘Salsa lives in Peru’ event took place this Thursday.

‘Salsa lives in Peru’ from the Dominican Republic Heat Awards 2024

Follow the incidents.

And so we conclude this showcase that caused a sensation. We had performances by Son Tentación, Maryto y su Salsón and Los conquistadores de la Salsa.

La salsa vive en Per puso a gozar al p blico en la previa de los Premios Heat 2024

The great Stiwart Sotomayor calls on Yahaira Plasencia, César BK, Amy Gutiérrez, Paula Arias, Cielo Torres and more to pose together with the Peruvian flag

Souvenir photo time!

It’s a party! Great national artists and the general public enjoy good Peruvian salsa

Yahaira Plasencia dared to take out the forbidden steps!

Proyecto nuevo 1

As expected, the hit song ‘Te veo fururú farará’ could not be missing from their repertoire.

And now come ‘The Conquerors of Salsa’

Don’t forget that you can follow the showcase broadcast through our TikTok

Maryto singing her big hit ‘Love me’

Proyecto nuevo 1

It’s the turn of the great Maryto and his Salsón!

Our great Stiwart Sotomayor thanks the remarkable performance of Son Tentación

And ‘Soltera.com’ couldn’t be missing

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Paula Arias and the girls begin their performance with famous songs like ‘Tu falta de querer’ and ‘Simplemente amigos’

The first to get on stage are the members of Son Tentación

Peruvian salsa resonates in the Dominican Republic!

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