Saiko Announces Cosmic Tour and Returns to Granada: The Musical Explosion of 2024

Saiko, the unstoppable force of urban music in Spain, has conquered international charts, consolidating itself as an undisputed reference in the music scene. His Grenadian pride shines brightly, taking the name of his homeland with him to every corner of the world and highlighting the prolific musical field that has emerged from it.

This intrepid artist, whose music resonates in every corner, has made his hometown, Granada, a key point in his identity. The connection with his roots is palpable in each of his lyrics and, for Saiko, offering a concert in Granada is more than a show; It is a dream come true.

2024 looks like an extraordinary year for Saiko and his followers. From the top of a spaceship en route to Earth, the Granada artist has revealed the dates of his tour through Spain. In a video full of mysticism and emotion, Saiko shares his intergalactic journey and anticipates the arrival of his new album.

“A couple of months ago I left planet Earth to explore a new galaxy called Sakura. “In this time I have created a lot of new projects and, above all, my new album that is coming out right now…”, Saiko reveals in the video, increasing the expectation among her followers.

With the promise of a triumphant return to the stages of Granada, Saiko prepares a show that promises to be epic. The “Supernova” singer’s tour promises to be a unique experience, fusing her distinctive style with the vibrant energy of her hometown. The announced dates are just the beginning of a few weeks full of live music, where Saiko will take his fans on a cosmic journey through his new creations and established hits. Granada’s musical rocket is ready to take off once again!


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